Karen Group Dance For King

The dance group from the Overseas Karen Refugee’s Social Organization (OKRSO) based in Bangkok, are honoured to be included in a ceremony that pays respect to His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.

The Overseas Karen Refugee’s Social Organization literature and culture committee chairman, Saw Satepalong said its dance troupe performed the Karen traditional Done dance at Central World Hall in Bangkok.

Speaking to Karen News, Saw Satepalong said.

“In the celebration, Kachin, Mon, Lahu, Shan and Karen ethnic dance troupes performed their traditional dances. I’m pleased we were included in the celebration. I’m satisfied that I get a chance to perform our culture to Karen people in here and other ethnic groups.”

Celebrations start on May 5 and OKRSO has planned to perform the Done dance with four other groups.

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