Burma Army issues legal ultimatum to ethnic armed groups – no flag raising and no weapons

The Burma Army has issued an ultimatum to Karen ethnic armed groups to remove their flags by midday Wednesday or suffer the consequences.

The Commander of Burma Army Light Infantry Division, Brigadier General Htin Maw Tun, has ordered armed groups in the Myawaddy district to take down their organizations’ flags that are flying at vacant lands owned by the organization by noon on May 29. The Commander issued his order today during the regular weekly information sharing meeting between the Burma Army and the ethnic armed groups.

Speaking to Karen News, a KNU liaison office at Myawaddy who was at the meeting held at the Burma Army office in Myawaddy said.

“We were told that the flags that are up at the organizations’ owned lands must be taken down by 12:00 noon on May 29. The Commander warned that if organizations are found still hoisting their flags, action would be taken according to the law.”

The KNU liaison officer said the Burma Army order referred to armed organizations that are operating in the Myawady area. He added that the Burma Army Commander, Brigadier General Htin Maw Tun, also reinforce its demand that if armed organizations that are not under the direct control of the government are carrying weapons in Myawaddy, the ethnic armed group has to inform the relevant departments, if not action will be taken.

This weeks meeting was attended by government officials, the KNU liaison office in-charge, Major Saw Ler Mu, and Captain S’ John, the DKBA liaison office’s, Soe Nyunt, the KNU/KNLA Peace Council’s, Saw Eh Doh, and the BGF 1022 Battalion Commander, Major Mote Thon.

Brigadier General, Htin Maw Tun, took up his position as the Division 22 Commander at the beginning of February 2013.

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