Songkran A Time for Water, Fun And Unfortunately, Road Carnage

April 17, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

Mae Sot children and adults ride pickup trucks engaged in water battles as they circle the town centre. Mae Sot on the Thai-Burma border is home to tens of thousands of migrant workers from Burma who also celebrated the Songkran water festival (known in Burma as Thingyan). ... Read more ►

Migrant Workers Extorted Amid “Policy Chaos”

February 27, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

Migrant workers, millions of whom come from neighboring Burma, are being cast adrift in a chaotic migration system – known as the National Verification Scheme – forcing them to pay as much as 10 times the official cost for their documents in Thailand, according t... Read more ►

Migrant Schools Offer Hope

February 24, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

Migrant schools working in Thailand’s border town of Mae Sot are bringing hopes of a better future for students, many of whom face huge challenges in just trying to survive. “Last Sat…tehr…day! They went to the stay…di…um! To watch the foot…bawl match!... Read more ►

A Migrant’s Tale

December 18, 2013  •  Author: Saw Blacktown

Saw Hta, 31 is migrant living and working in in Phopra area. He is originally from Kawkreik Township in Karen State, Burma. Saw Hta left his home more than ten years ago and only visited his place of origin once. Saw Hta said that living as a migrant in Thailand had its adva... Read more ►

Labor Rights Groups Mark International Migrants Day

December 18, 2013  •  Author: Karen News

As the world mark International Migrants Day today, regional labor rights groups are taking the opportunity to raise the ongoing plight of many migrant workers in Thailand – many of whom are from Burma – where they have few rights and are vulnerable to extortion. With fo... Read more ►

Migrants Find Life In Thailand Is Hard Work

November 29, 2013  •  Author: Saw Blacktown

Recent reforms in Burma have not stopped thousands of migrant workers moving to Thailand in search of work. International workers organisations estimate that more than 2 million Burmese migrants have come to Thailand in search of better paid work. It is estimated that in som... Read more ►

Flawed National Registration Process – Migrant Workers Open to Exploitation

November 13, 2013  •  Author: Karen News

The Migrant Worker Right Network (MWRN), has criticized the Burma and Thailand’s National Verification process for leaving migrant workers open to exploitation at the hands of corrupt brokers. It is estimated that in the last 30 years more than three million workers from... Read more ►

Karen construction worker killed after falling six floors

September 20, 2013  •  Author: Saw Khar Sue Nyar (KIC)

A Karen migrant worker died after falling from the sixth floor of Chiang Mai construction site on Monday, September 16. The dead worker was identified as 20-year-old, Saw Ye Tun Naing, who came to work in Chaing Mai from the Delta region of Burma. Saw Than Hlaing , a fellow ... Read more ►

Thailand’s migrant verification deadline expires – workers vulnerable

August 28, 2013  •  Author: Saw Blacktown

Labour rights groups, including the Migrant Worker Rights Network, Thai Labour Solidarity Committee, Human Rights and Development Foundation and State Enterprise Workers’ Relations Confederation of Thailand, have together expressed concern over a lack of clarity in Burma a... Read more ►

Air Bagan offers free flights to frightened Burmese workers in Malaysia

June 18, 2013  •  Author: Saw Tun Lin (KIC)

Following a series of attacks on Burmese migrant workers in Malaysia that have so far resulted in six deaths and 20 people injured, an spokesperson from Air Bagan said the airline will offer free flights to Burmese migrant workers in Malaysia who want to return home. The Air... Read more ►

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