Villagers accuse Burma Army of forced labor abuses

March 13, 2012  •  Author: Saw Thein Myint (KIC)

Villagers living along the Tavoy-Kanchanaburi Highway linking Burma to Thailand accuse Burma Army soldiers of demanding they provide trucks to transport foods and munitions for the military. Burma Army battalions under Coastal Command headquarters based at Myitta Sub Townshi... Read more ►

Human rights group say Burma Army abuses continue

March 4, 2012  •  Author: Karen News

A report by the Karen Human Rights Group accuses the Burma Army of extorting, forced labour and bribes from villagers in the Toungoo district. The report placed civilians into two categories. Those that lived in areas under Burma Army control, and those that didn’t. Accor... Read more ►

Villagers pay the price

February 5, 2012  •  Author: Saw Blacktown

Burma army soldiers arrested and detained four villagers from T’Kuh Khee village in Kyain Seikgyi Township Karen State, after their food supplies were destroyed by Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) fighters, local villagers told Karen News. (more…) Related Posts... Read more ►

Burma Army out of step with government reforms

January 27, 2012  •  Author: Saw Thein Myint and Saw Poe Moo (KIC)

Burma Army battalions operating in the Tantabin Township, Taungoo District, Karen State area have forced villagers to work daily on a rotation to supply frontline bases. A local villager told Karen News that Light Infantry Battalions 376, 541, 540 and 380, under the Militar... Read more ►

Despite ‘peace talks’ government troops abuse

December 16, 2011  •  Author: Saw Thein Myint (KIC)

Despite the government’s calls for ‘peace talks’, humanitarian groups and official Karen political parties claim the Burma Army is still committing abuses against civilians in Eastern Burma. Representatives from the Karen National Union and Burma government officials ... Read more ►

What election? For the Burma Army it’s business as usual

November 23, 2011  •  Author: Karen News

A report from the Karen Human Rights Group accuses the Burma Army of extortion and using villagers for forced labor on army bases. The report issued as a KHRG bulletin was written by a villager in the Nyaunglebin District of Karen State. The villager says last years national... Read more ►

Burma Army target Kachin women for forced labor

October 29, 2011  •  Author: Naw Hser Kler (KIC)

Burma’s new government continues to try to convince the international community it is moving to a more freer society, but eye-witness accounts of continued human rights abuses in ethnic states is evidence to the contrary. Earlier this month, villagers claim, seven ethic K... Read more ►

Army rations destroyed on Thai Burma road

September 17, 2011  •  Author: Karen News

Karen soldiers attacked and destroyed Burma Army food supplies on a controversial highway construction linking southern Burma to Thailand. A source from the Karen National Liberation Army’s 4th Brigade told Karen News, that on September 10, KNLA soldiers burnt and dest... Read more ►

Dawei: Development or Destruction

August 24, 2011  •  Author: Eh Na and H.V. Karen

Burmese and Thai researchers speaking at a conference last week in Bangkok fear that the Dawei Special Industrial Zone planned for southern Burma will have severe negative impacts on thousands of local people as well as the environmental. The 4th International Conference o... Read more ►

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

August 22, 2011  •  Author: Naw Htoo Paw

The ethnic people of Burma are having a hard time. Burma Army soldiers are targeting women in the Kachin and Shan State for rape. Villagers are used as forced labour for the Burma Army. Development projects mean forced relocation and slave labour. Half a million ethnic peopl... Read more ►

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