Human rights take a back seat as conflict continues

October 13, 2013  •  Author: Henry Zwartz and Saw Blacktown

The human rights situation in Burma is moving too slowly, says Fortify Rights a non-profit human rights organization based in Southeast Asia, with positive political progress being undermined by a festering civil war in the country’s north. “Positive political changes ha... Read more ►

KNU leader – Govt’s Labels Nationwide Ceasefire ‘untimely’…

October 7, 2013  •  Author: Karen News

In an exclusive three-part interview with Karen News, the Karen National Union’s vice-chairperson, Padoh Naw Zipporah Sein, voiced her concerns that the government is rushing to sign a nationwide ceasefire without regard for the on-the-ground realities of ongoing armed con... Read more ►

Burma Army Arrest Karen Soldiers Operating Tax Gate

October 7, 2013  •  Author: Saw Khar Su Nyar (KIC)

The Burma Army reneged on an agreement it had with the Karen National Union and arrested two Karen soldiers for collecting taxes at a temporary checkpoint. The two soldiers, from the Karen National Liberation Army Brigade 2, based in the Taungoo District were arrested while ... Read more ►

KNU delegates talk peace to Burma’s commander-in-chief

October 4, 2013  •  Author: Saw Eh Na

The head of Burma’s military met with members of the Karen armed resistance in the country’s capital to discuss how the ceasefire between the two could be progressed. The meeting is seen by ethnic leaders as a move by the government to acknowledge the Karen National Unio... Read more ►

KNU Push Govt For Nationwide Ceasefire – Karen Community Wants Results

October 1, 2013  •  Author: S'Phan Shaung (KIC)

The Karen National Union met last week with Burma government officials in Rangoon and Nay Pyi Daw to try to give its ceasefire arrangements and peace talks a higher priority ranking. A KNU nine-member delegation led by its chairman, General Mutu Say Poe left for Burma on Sep... Read more ►

Burma fails to sign sexual violence declaration

September 29, 2013  •  Author: Karen News

Burma’s refusal to sign a declaration against sexual violence comes despite pressure from the British government. The declaration of commitment to end sexual violence in conflict was launched by the British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Zainab Hawa Bangura, Special R... Read more ►

Military Assistance to Myanmar – A Need for Balance

September 24, 2013  •  Author: *Christine M. Leah

The United States and Australia need to adopt a calibrated approach in extending military assistance to the new leadership in Myanmar. Without such a calculated framework, Washington’s efforts at building partner capacity will be much less effective. Since 2012 the United ... Read more ►

Petition Demands UK Prioritize Issue of sexual violence in Burma Military

September 18, 2013  •  Author: Saw Blacktown

British MP, Valerie Vaz delivered more than 2,000 letters from supporters of Burma Campaign UK on 12 September to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, calling for action to end sexual violence against women in Burma. Burma Campaign UK called on the British government to high... Read more ►

Burma Army Officer Beats Up Villagers – Again!

September 5, 2013  •  Author: Eh Na

Karen villagers have accused a Burmese military commander based at Wah Kla (Wah Daw) village in southern Burma of abusing local villagers in an attempt to instigate conflict with the local Karen National Union (KNU). A villager from Wah Kla who asked not to be named for secu... Read more ►

Burma Army: only villagers who sign contract can work confiscated land

August 7, 2013  •  Author: Naw Hser Kler (KIC)

Villagers from the Taungoo region claim that Burma military officials are offering to contract local farmers to work land that was confiscated from them by the army during the previous military regime. Villagers said that the military officials responsible are from the Bayin... Read more ►

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