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KNU Stops Tavoy Road Construction

July 19, 2011  •  Author: Karen News Reporters

A giant construction project managed by an Italian-Thai company has run into a number of major stumbling blocks in Karen State. Villagers say they have not been compensated for the loss of their land and the Karen National Union has stopped it building a highway to Thailand... Read more ►

Villagers claim dam will ruin lives

July 16, 2011  •  Author: Saw Eh Na

Karen News reporters investigate persistent rumours that a dam site is being prepared for construction in Southern Burma. The site, on the Tenasserim River, is causing concern among villagers in the area who claim that a Thai company has been surveying the area and plans to ... Read more ►

Former BGF fighters ready for war

July 14, 2011  •  Author: Saw K'Shee

The desertion, in April of a 1,000 Border Guard Force soldiers from under the control of the Burma Army has given a huge boost to other Karen armed groups. Karen News reporter Saw K’ Shee has just returned from interviewing the renegade BGF leader, Major Saw Beeh at his u... Read more ►

Deadmen Walking

July 13, 2011  •  Author: Blacktown

Humanitarian groups accuse Burmese government soldiers of committing war crimes against ‘convict porters’ used in frontline conditions A joint report by the New York based Human Rights Watch and the Thai Burma border based Karen Human Rights Group – “Dead Me... Read more ►

Deadly ambush kills Burma army officers

July 8, 2011  •  Author: Saw Thein Myint (KIC)

Karen National Liberation Army sources confirmed their fighters killed two Burma army soldiers and wounded four others in an ambush on the Kler Day road, Karen State on 2 July. The sources said the dead included a Burma army battalion commander Major Eh Hser Hser, office ma... Read more ►

Hlaingbwe devastated by floods – getting aid is a lottery

July 8, 2011  •  Author: Nan Paw Gay (KIC)

Residents of Hlaingbwe Town are still fighting floodwaters that swamped central Karen State last month. Town people say flooding caused by heavy rains broke the banks of the Hlaingbwe River in late June, putting many residential areas under water. Government officials say th... Read more ►

Burma army threats force villagers to abandon farms

July 8, 2011  •  Author: Saw Khar Su Nyar (KIC)

Threats from Burma army have forced more than 30 farmers in the Papun district of Karen state to abandon their farms and plantations. The villagers from Bu Tho Township sought help from the Karen National Union after the Burma army forced villagers to carry army supplies. ... Read more ►

Army increase security around Three Pagoda Pass

July 7, 2011  •  Author: Karen News

Following a spate of attacks by unknown gunmen and bombers against a businessman with links to the Burma army and other military target in and around Three Pagoda Pass Town, authorities have increased security and the number of checkpoints in the area. Residents say checkpoi... Read more ►

A Hard Rain Falls

July 6, 2011  •  Author: Eh Na

Heavy rains battering eastern Burma have destroyed many rice farms cultivated by displaced Karen people. Humanitarian groups on the Thai Burma border say these people will face a food crisis at the next harvest. Naw Iris, a coordinator with the Committee of Internally Displ... Read more ►

Children forced to carry frontline supplies

July 3, 2011  •  Author: Saw Khar Su Nyar

The Burma government has repeatedly denied the use of forced labor to international organisations, but villagers from Dweh Loe township in Papun district say the Burma army has forced men, women and including children, some as young as 11 to porter rations for their troops. ... Read more ►

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