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DKBA declares Myawaddy Township a drug free zone

May 22, 2012  •  Author: Saw Khar Su Nyar (KIC)

The DKBA’s political wing, Klohtoobaw Karen Organization (KKO), has declared all areas in Myawaddy Township under their control as drug free zones. The KKO met with 25 village heads and as many as 50 village representatives at their headquarter, Kaw Thu Mwe Kee, to discuss... Read more ►

UNHCR – Refugee status depends on Thailand’s permission

May 21, 2012  •  Author: Nan Thoo Lei (KIC)

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees office in Mae Sot told refugees at Umpiem Mai camp their registration depends on permission from the Thai government even if the UN agency is willing to grant UN refugee status to people. Staff from the UNHCR Mae Sot office w... Read more ►

80 Burmese workers rescued from shrimp factory

May 18, 2012  •  Author: Nan Thoo Lei (KIC)

The Burmese Association of Thailand along with Thai authorities rescued 80 Burmese migrant workers that were being illegally held by their employer at the San Tit shrimp factory in Maha Chai near Bangkok. According to a member of the BAT team the abused workers were confused... Read more ►

Burma Army still using torture and forced labor says report

May 18, 2012  •  Author: Karen News

The Burma Army is accused of ongoing human rights violations –including the use of violent torture- according to a report by a grassroots humanitarian organization, the Karen Human Rights Group. The human rights violations come amidst recent ceasefire agreements signed bet... Read more ►

R.I.P Colonel Moe Phyu

May 17, 2012  •  Author: Nan Paw Gay (KIC)

Colonel Moe Phyu, a senior officer with the Karen National Liberation Army, served 37 of his 62 years in the Karen revolution, died on May 11th from complication related to hypertension and diabetes. Colonel Moe Phyu started his military career as a private in the KNLA, but ... Read more ►

Aung San Suu Kyi calls for more aid to ethnic areas

May 17, 2012  •  Author:

Naw Zipporah Sein, the Karen National Union’s general secretary welcomed a statement from Daw Aung San Suu Kyi calling for more development in ethnic areas. Noble peace prize Laurent, Aung San Suu Kyi, asked for foreign investors and international development aid providers... Read more ►

Despite bad weather KNU open third liaison office

May 15, 2012  •  Author: Karen News

This morning the Karen National Union officially opened its third liaison office in Three Pagoda Pass Town, Dooplaya District, Karen State to help cooperation between the KNU and the Burma government. KNU sources said that the liaison office will make working with the Burma ... Read more ►

KNU to open third ceasefire liaison office in Dooplaya District

May 12, 2012  •  Author: Nan Ma Night Awa (KIC)

The Karen National Union is to open a new liaison branch office at Three Pagoda Pass in Dooplaya district of Karen State on May 15, according to a local officer from the KNU. A Karen National Liberation Army officer said the liaison office, in Three Pagoda Pass, Dooplaya Dis... Read more ►

DKBA leader hits back at Thai government’s drug claims

May 10, 2012  •  Author: Nan Thoo Lei (KIC)

The Democratic Karen Buddhist Army leader, General Saw Ler Pwe responded to allegations by the Thai government that he is a major drug dealer by holding a press conference with 42 Thai, Burmese and exiled journalists in the Myawaddy Township area close to Thai Burma border. ... Read more ►

KNU questions role of Govt’s business linked ‘peace talk’ advisors

May 10, 2012  •  Author: Karen News

The Karen National Union (KNU) are to ask the Burma Government to clarify the role of business groups involved as advisors in the ‘peace talk’ negotiations. The KNU has questioned the motives of the business advisors involvement in the ceasefire talks after concerned Ka... Read more ►

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