Ongoing Conflict Blocks A Nationwide Ceasefire, says UNFC

A statement released by the United Nationalities Federal Council has warned that ongoing conflict in Burma’s Kachin and Shan States is blocking negotiations for a nationwide ceasefire agreement.

The UNFC noted that it had held at least 27 meetings with the Burma Government over the last two years to set a framework national agreement, without success.

“UNFC sees that in the entire length of talks for the NCA, the occurrence of widespread and ceaseless offensives against the ethnic nationalities by the government armed forces has been the main stumbling block to achievement of nationwide ceasefire and peace in the country.” The UNFC statement said.

The UNFC urged the international community to pressure the Burma Government over its prosecution of military offensives in Kachin and Shan State that has escalated in recent weeks with claims of government soldiers shelling civilian areas and pillaging villages.

The statement came as Burma Army offensives left 2 villagers dead on September 12 in Nawng Pa Deb, Shan State. A report by the Shan Human Rights Foundation, which interviewed witnesses of the attack, claimed that the Burma Army looted the homes of villagers and shot a 56 year-old woman in the back in cold blood while another villager later died of injuries sustained in the attack.

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