Burma Army takes Shan military camp as nine villages evacuate

A heavy artillery offensive by the Burma Army against a Shan armed group resulted in residents of nine villages being evacuated.

Local sources told Karen News that following the Burma Army’s artillery bombardment on May 9 the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army’s (RCSS/SAA) abandoned its camp at Nan Khan Township, Northern Shan State.

The RCSS/SAA’s spokesperson Major Sai Long Saei confirmed to Karen News that the Burma Army’s 145th Infantry Battalion based in Nan Kan, attacked its Nowma camp.

“The Burma Army attacked with heavy artillery. The fighting started from in the morning until late afternoon. The troop situation was not equal and our army had to withdraw from [its] Nowma camp.”

Major Sai Long Saei said that the bombardment was the most serious fighting during the ceasefire period between the RCSS/SSA and the Burmese Army. Due to the conflict, civilians from Now Khan, Wan Tarhay, Hosai, Wankhon villages had to take refuge in China.

Shan Army officials said at least 10 soldiers from the Burma Army and one from the RCSS/SSA were killed in the fighting.

“If the Burma Army continues to fight during the ceasefire period, the fighting will be on going without a resolution. In previous fights [in the ceasefire period], it was [started] accidentally on both sides. However, this time the Burma Army started this fight deliberately.”

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