Burma’s Citizenship Law ‘Fuels Repression,” says Human Rights Watch

January 17, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

The New York based Human Rights Watch called on the Burmese government to amend citizenship law, claiming it “fuels repression” and denies basic human rights to the country’s ethnic Rohingya minority. Brad Adams, HRW’s Asia director, said the law entrenched discrimin... Read more ►

Map of Rape Incidents by Burma Army Since 2010 (Source: WLB)

Burma Military’s Continued Use of Sexual Violence ‘Widespread’ Against Ethnic Women

November 25, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

Burma’s armed forces are using systematic sexual violence on a “widespread scale,” a report by a women’s group advocating on ethnic women’s rights in Burma has found. The report, by the Women’s League of Burma, an umbrella organisations that represents 13 organis... Read more ►

Shan Community Calls on US President Obama to Condemn Government Attacks in Ethnic Areas During His Burma Visit

November 15, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

A coalition of Shan community-based-organisations released a statement calling on the President of the United States, Barack Obama, to raise the issue of ongoing military offensives by the Burmese government in ethnic areas during his visit to the country. The statement, iss... Read more ►

Shan Farmers Petition the President to Withdraw Government Soldiers from Shan State

August 31, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

A group of 291 Shan civilians internally displaced by war in Shan State sent a letter of appeal directly to President U Thein Sein requesting a withdrawal of Burma Army soldiers from the areas of conflict and compensation for land and possessions they had allegedly destroyed... Read more ►

HRW Urge US Secretary Of State To Use Burma Visit To Pressure Govt On Human Rights

August 12, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

The New York based Human Rights Watch has issued a media statement urging the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, to use his forthcoming visit to Burma to pressure the government to put the “country’s deteriorating rights situation” back on its reform agenda. HRW said i... Read more ►

Burma’s Reforms Undermined by “Political Repression, Cronyism and Ongoing Conflicts,” says New Report

July 29, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

Burma’s much lauded reforms, including the release of opposition politician Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, are being undermined by a crackdown on newly gained press freedoms, civil war, anti-Muslim violence and corruption, a report by the New York based International Center for Tra... Read more ►

UN Experts Join International Condemnation of Burma’s Proposed Religion Laws

June 22, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

A team of UN experts has added their weight to growing calls for Burma’s government to scrap proposed contentious legislation that would restrict religious freedoms. In a joint statement released Friday, 20th June, the UN experts – on freedom of religion, minority issue... Read more ►

Karen Community Groups Call For More Transparency On KNU and Government Talks

June 11, 2014  •  Author: Nan Wai Phyo Zar

Karen community groups have for the first time have called on the Karen National Union to show more transparency and openness in their ongoing peace talks with the Burma government. Six Karen civil society groups based in Burma and overseas made their call for the meetings b... Read more ►

Burma Army Attacks “Throw Doubt” on Peace Process

June 9, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

Burma Army offensives in Kachin State are undermining the peace process, an ethnic women’s organisation has claimed. The Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT) expressed concern of the recent escalation in Burma Army attacks in Kachin and Shan States, which had led t... Read more ►

Fortify Rights: Burma Army Committing “War Crimes” In Kachin State

June 9, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

Burma’s military is engaging in systemic torture against civilians in its ongoing war in Kachin State, now in its third year, and committing “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity,” a leading human rights watchdog has claimed in a report released today. The 71-p... Read more ►

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