Minister Agrees Local Should Be Compensated For Confiscated Land

February 12, 2015  •  Author: Saw Nyunt Thaung

Hpa-an residents who lost their 40 acres of land to a construction project in town’s industrial zone want compensation from the government for the loss of their rubber plantations. Saw Khant Win Aung, had his land confiscated for the construction, said that on January 25, ... Read more ►

Villagers Who Lost Land To Malaysian Palm Oil Plantation Sign Petition Asking for Compensation to the KNU and State Govt

December 11, 2014  •  Author: S'Phan Shaung

Villagers are planning to seek compensation from the KNU and state government for land confiscated by developers for a palm oil plantation project in Tanintharyi Division. Saw Poe San, one of the petition leaders from the Southern Youth Organization, told Karen News. “Vill... Read more ►

Karen State Minister Order The Return Of Confiscated Lands To Farmers

October 24, 2014  •  Author: Saw Nyunt Thaung

Chief Minister of Karen State has ordered businessmen who have been granted land concession to lands confiscated from local villagers in the Hti Lon area in Hlaing Bwe Township to return the land to traditional owners. U Kyaw Soe Hlaing, a Forest Department officer from Hlai... Read more ►

You Have to Leave Your Land…Karen Land is State Land…

June 9, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

Naw Bway Paw looks out of her windowless thatched bamboo home in Hlaing Bwe Township, Karen State, and remembers the day in 1996 when the Burma Army came and took her land. Naw Bway Paw in a video interview with Karen News describes how she lost her ancestral home and lands.... Read more ►

Human Rights Groups Warn A “Frenzy” of Land Confiscation For Mining, Logging And Dams in Burma Destroying Lives

May 19, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

A number of regional human rights organisations have hit out at land confiscation in Burma by companies and individuals with links to the government. The Asian Human Rights Commission has slammed a “frenzy” of land grabs in Burma by the government or government-linked co... Read more ►

Hluttaw Speaker Promises To Investigate Farmers’ Land Disputes In Karen State

May 1, 2014  •  Author: Saw Nyunt Thaung

During his trip to Karen State, Parliament speaker, Thura Shwe Mann, promised farmers to look into land confiscation cases in the region once they are submitted to the House. Thura Shwe Mann, chairman of the Pyithu Hluttaw (House of Representatives) was on a visit to Karen S... Read more ►

Farmers Compensated For Land Loss To Asia Highway

March 16, 2014  •  Author: Nan Chaung Pawt

Burma’s government and the Thai company involved in the construction of the Asia Highway have paid compensation to landowners affected by the construction, but some landowners have claimed that they did not receive the compensation that the authorities initially promised. ... Read more ►

Land Owners: “We Have To Rent Our Stolen Lands Of The Army…”

February 14, 2014  •  Author: Saw Nyunt Thaung

Landowners in Hpa-an Township are frustrated that they have to pay yearly rent to use lands that once belonged to them, but were confiscated by the military in 2003. Villagers claim that the property, that includes land from four villages in Aein Duu village tract, costs the... Read more ►

“Displaced, Relocated And Our Land Given To Companies…”

January 9, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

State-run oil and rubber plantations are blocking displaced Karen villagers from returning to their original land. Since the ceasefire between the Karen National Union and the Burma government in 2012 dispossessed villagers in the Tanintharyi region have begun to return to ... Read more ►

The Bad Oil – Companies Occupy Relocated Villages’ Land

December 18, 2013  •  Author: Karen News

Following the good feel surrounding the ceasefire between the Karen and Burma government, villagers forced relocated 10 years ago returned in hope to their old village, only to find it occupied by a palm oil company. Following their forced relocation by Burma Army, Karen vil... Read more ►

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