Low-cost Clinic Reopened in Kyaukkyi

July 27, 2017  •  Author: Nan Way Phyo Zar

A low-cost, subsidized medical clinic reopened last week in Kyaukkyi, Bago Region, expanding the remote area’s health care options, according to local politicians. The Ther Ray Dao Pae Rehabilitation and Development Association, a community-based organization, relaunched ... Read more ►

US ambassador and KNU discuss development, peace

July 27, 2017  •  Author: Karen News

The US ambassador to Myanmar met with the Karen National Union on July 21 to get input about supporting local health and education projects in a bid to spur peace through development, according to a KNU official present at the gathering. The meeting at the KNU’s liaison of... Read more ►

KNU Training Achieves 30 percent Quota for Female Participation

July 12, 2017  •  Author: Saw Khar Su Nyar

The Karen National Union lauded female participation in a recent, local political training after the course attained a 30 percent quota. The second basic politics training, a five-day event last week, involved residents from villages in KNU-controlled Kawkareik township. Amo... Read more ►

KNLA Leaders Warn Soldiers to Remain Cautious of the Ceasefire

July 9, 2017  •  Author: Sa Isue

On Karen armed forced day last week, one ethnic armed group leader sounded a cautionary note, instructing soldiers to recall that a ceasefire is not the same as peace, while urging them to remain “alert”. “The ceasefire is a political game,” said Lieutenant General S... Read more ►

Karen Leader – Union Peace Conference 21st Century Pinlong Falls Short – Gives Ethnic Armed Organizations Little, But Lets Military Dominate

July 6, 2017  •  Author: Naw Zipporah Sein

Naw Zipporeah Sein, has spent the last four years negotiating with the Burma government as a key member and Vice-chairperson of the Karen National Union. Ms Sein recently took the time to analyze the Union Peace Conference that was held from 24 to 29 May, 2017 in the country... Read more ►

First Karen National Police Force Day to be held this year

July 6, 2017  •  Author: Sa Isue

The Karen National Union (KNU) will celebrate its police force, inaugurating the first annual ‘Police Day’ on September 9, according to an official from the KNU’s Interior and Religious Affairs Department. “The KNPF has been active for 20 years, but the public does n... Read more ►

Residents Call on KNU to Scrap Contentious Cement Factory Plans

June 2, 2017  •  Author: Khar Su Nyar

Nearly 1,000 Mon State residents signed a petition asking the Karen National Union to cancel a quarry and a cement factory slated for construction in an environmentally sensitive mountain pass. The residents of Thaton township said the Min Lwin Mountain is sacred to the loca... Read more ►

KNU Support Displaced Villagers Demand for the Closure and Redeployment of 17 Burma Army Camps and Soldiers

June 1, 2017  •  Author: Sa Isue/Karen News

The Karen National Union’s Mutraw District office released a statement supporting the demands of the displaced villagers living on the banks of the Salween River. The KNU statement said that its standing committee supported the displaced villagers “we view their demands ... Read more ►

KNU Official Carrying Arms in Mixed Control Areas Gets Complaint from Govt State Border Affair

May 21, 2017  •  Author: Karen News

A member of the Karen State government has objected to a Karen National Union official totting guns in an area of “dual administration”. The KNU signed the nationwide ceasefire agreement (NCA) in 2015, which as they were recently reminded, restricts them from carrying gu... Read more ►

Teaching hospital opened in Karen State

May 21, 2017  •  Author: karennews

A Canadian charity and the Karen National Union launched Karen State’s first modern teaching hospital this weekend. The 24-bed, Taw Naw Teaching Hospital will train local healthcare practitioners and help boost local public health services, according to Global Neighbors Ca... Read more ►

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