Over 200 Locals Join 28th Traditional First Harvest Ceremony in Win-Yaw Area

January 4, 2018  •  Author: Karen News

More than 200 local residents took part in the celebration of the 28th Karen traditional new crop harvesting season at Dai-Lut-Ta-Mo-Wong Village under Win-Yaw area of Kyain-seikgyi Township, Karen State on January 1. Nan Shar Si, member of the ceremony organizing committee,... Read more ►

Karen Villagers Breathe Life Into Their Rice-Tying Ritual To Summon The Rice Spirits

March 3, 2015  •  Author: Saw Mort/Karen News

Traditionally the Karen people believe nature has its own spirits. The Karen people place great importance on these spirits and depend on them for their wellbeing. These spirits live in and are the caretakers of the mountains, forests, rivers and plants. The spirits are also... Read more ►

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