Karen Revolution


Have Your Say: Essay Competition on Karen Struggle a Tribute to Karen Martyrs’ Day

Saw Ba U Gyi, the founder of the Karen National Union and the modern Karen armed revolution, told Karen leaders that the Karen’s struggle for freedom and autonomy to succeed, there are three approaches 1. armed struggle, 2, political dialogue for a negotiated settlement with the Burmese government, and 3. international intervention or arrangement for the Karen people. Saw Greh…

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Karen Revolution at a Crossroad – Time for Renewal

2019 marks an important year for Karen armed struggle for self-autonomy in many ways. On January 31st, we will celebrate 70th anniversary of the Karen Revolution Day, a day when Karen people first launched their armed movement against the government of Burma in 1949 for an autonomous state. This year celebration also marks an important moment in the unity of…

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