Burma Army Attacks Continue in Kachin State

February 12, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

The conflict, which has lasted for more than two years, has seen the displacement of an estimated 80,000 Kachin people and reports of human rights abuses continue to emerge. Free Burma Rangers, a humanitarian organization that delivers aid to displaced people, expressed conc... Read more ►

National ID Scheme Met With Confusion, Indifference, Fear

February 4, 2014  •  Author: Saw Lindsay and Saw Mort

Burma’s National ID Cards grant relative freedom of travel, allow voting in national elections, access to official schools. Denied for decades basic government services, villagers in Karen State view Burma’s National ID Card scheme with a mix of confusion, indifference, ... Read more ►

Burma Army: Looting, Intimidation, Displacement in Kachin State

December 24, 2013  •  Author: Karen News

Burma Army units in Kachin State are looting the rice rations of internal displaced people (IDP’s), and have fired on a group of villagers in at least one occasion last month, reports the Free Burma Rangers, a frontline humanitarian organization. The FBR lists and dates th... Read more ►

Kachin IDP’s Are Tortured and Jail Sentence Increased

December 23, 2013  •  Author: Karen News

In what human rights groups are calling a blow to Burma’s ongoing reform process, two Kachin IDP’s arrested under Burma’s Unlawful Association Act law have had their jail sentence increased from two years to seven years – the reasons for the increase are as yet u... Read more ►

Despite pilot project, displaced villagers still wary of Burma Army

July 5, 2013  •  Author: Saw Eh Na

Karen humanitarian groups working with a Norwegian non-government-organization, as part of the Myanmar Peace Support Initiative, plan to start its second phase of a pilot project designed to help displaced Karen people in eastern Burma. The Karen National Union’s Committee... Read more ►

Karen leader: “Not the time to send refugees and displaced back…”

June 6, 2013  •  Author: Karen News

The Karen National Union’s general secretary, Padoh Kwe Htoo Win, in an exclusive interview with Karen News explains why now is not the right time to return refugees or displaced people. “When there is no more fighting and no more human right violations, they [displaced ... Read more ►

Burma Army accused of atrocities in Shan State offensive

April 24, 2013  •  Author: Karen News

Burma’s military accused of mass human rights abuses in Shan State as President Thein Sien is awarded peace prize and the EU economic sanctions. The Shan Human Rights Foundation has expressed grave concern over new widespread abuses being committed by the Burma Army in rec... Read more ►

Kachin people facing human rights abuses

March 1, 2013  •  Author: Nan Thoo Lei (KIC)

The Kachin Women’s Association of Thailand (KWAT) released a statement on Thursday urging the international community to help stop the Burmese government’s consistent human rights violations even as the conflict has stabilized. Moon Nay Li, a spokesperson for KWAT spoke ... Read more ►

Govt’s peace meet – fails to answers questions on conflict or displacement

January 30, 2013  •  Author: S' Phan Shaung (KIC)

Civil society groups voiced their disappointment that the government ministers appointed to its Peace Committee failed to address many of the questions that representatives from 64 community-based-organisations brought to a meeting held at the Myanmar Peace Centre on Sunday.... Read more ►

Thousands of villagers displaced in northern Shan state

November 9, 2012  •  Author: Saw Khar Su Nyar (KIC)

The Palaung Women’s Organization have estimated that several thousand Palaung villagers from northern Shan state have been displaced in the protracted conflict between the Burma Army and local ethnic armed militia since early 2011 to now. A report ‘The Burden of ... Read more ►

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