Cholera Outbreak Kills 12 Karen Villagers

October 25, 2015  •  Author: S'Phan Shaung

As of October, twelve villagers had died and 61 villages suffered from cholera outbreak in Kawkareik and Kyain Seikgyi Townships near the Thai-Burma border – health workers from both countries are trying to stop the spread of the deadly disease. Statistics from the Kar... Read more ►

Health Workers, Parents and Teachers Concerned By 134 Karen Students Hospitalized After Drinking Poisoned Water

September 24, 2015  •  Author: K’saw Wah and Isue

Villagers are worried for their health after 134 students were rushed to hospital after bird hunters may have poisoned community drinking water. Villagers fear that their drinking water was poisoned after 134 school students in Tha Yet Taw village in Kyondoe, Kawkareik Towns... Read more ►

Mother and Child Reunion – “I Never Lost Hope…”

August 20, 2015  •  Author: *Connor Brown

In August 2011, at Mae Sot General Hospital, a mother found herself facing a choice no parent should have to make. She had given birth three days earlier and walked seven hours from her home in eastern Burma to seek medical treatment for her sick newborn daughter, Naut Nau... Read more ►

Warning! Children At Risk – Severe Dengue Can Kill

July 30, 2015  •  Author: Aya TABATA, Karen News

Parents on the Thai Burma border have good reason to be worried that their children will become infected with the dengue virus. Statistics from the Thai Ministry of Health’s Department of Disease Control reveal that they as of July 27, 2015 – 39,597 people had been d... Read more ►

*Dengue season’s extra sting

July 17, 2015  •  Author: Phil Thornton

Specialists are predicting this year’s outbreak of the deadly fever could have life-threatening consequences for people across the region Dr Pipat is a worried man. As head of the paediatric department and deputy director of Mae Sot Hospital, he fears that 2015 is goin... Read more ►

Border School Fights To Protect Its Students From Dengue Fever

July 11, 2015  •  Author: Aya TABATA, Karen News

Dengue fever outbreaks on the Thai Burma border have affected hundreds of students, with many having to be hospitalized. Heavy wet season rains that drench communities on both sides of the Thai Burma border, are an early warning sign that it is the time of year that dengue ... Read more ►

Health Groups Fighting To Prevent Dengue Outbreaks In Border Refugee Camps

June 25, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

In an exclusive interview with Karen News, the International Non-Government Organisation, PU-AMI, outlined its plans to protect refugees on the Thai Burma border against outbreaks of the Dengue virus. PU-AMI, together with Thai health officials, community based groups and ot... Read more ►

Dengue Fever On The Rise On Thai-Burma Border

June 24, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

The start of the regional wet season has seen an increase in dengue fever cases coming to Mae Tao Clinic located in the Thai-Burma border town of Mae Sot. Health workers at the clinic told Karen News that since the beginning of June “dengue patients had noticeably increase... Read more ►

Solidarites International: Stopping Dengue, Protecting People

June 21, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

The coming wet season and the threat of a dengue virus outbreak have made Thomas Viger a busy man. As Thailand program coordinator for Solidarites International he is also responsible for organizing the hygiene, water, sanitation and livelihood program at Mae La Refugee Camp... Read more ►

STOP DENGUE 2015: ASEAN DENGUE DAY – Border Communities Battle Dengue Fever

June 14, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

To commemorate ASEAN Dengue Day on June 15, 2015, international aid agencies, community based groups and public health workers across the region are organizing theatre performances, school art competitions, fumigation programs and awareness campaigns. In the Thai border tow... Read more ►

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