Karenni Refugee Camp in Need of Supplies to Rebuild Fire-ravaged Houses

July 27, 2017  •  Author: Saw Shar

Only five houses have been rebuilt in a Karenni refugee camp in Thailand after a fire in the beginning of the month. According to camp leadership, there is a shortage of wood and bamboo. “We have only been able to rebuild five houses as a sufficient amount of bamboo and wo... Read more ►

Umphiem Refugee Camp Fire, Destroys 10 Homes, Displaces 58 residents

May 9, 2016  •  Author: S'Phan Shaung

A fire at Umphiem refugee camp in Phop Phra district on the Thai-Burma border on the afternoon of May 7 destroyed 10 houses. The fire broke out at 2 pm in Section 15 of Zone B, but camp officials said it is still unknown how it started. Daw Aye Hlaing, secretary of the Secti... Read more ►

Karenni Refugees Made Homeless By Fire To Get New Homes In May

April 19, 2015  •  Author: S'Phan Shaung

Refugees who lost their homes to fire that ripped through the Karenni camp in early April, will have their homes rebuilt in early May according to camp officials. The fire that broke out on April , destroyed 188 houses and made homeless 867 refugees. The Karenni Camp No. 1, ... Read more ►

Fire at Karenni Refugee Camp Destroys 150 Homes and Leaves 700 Residents Homeless

April 10, 2015  •  Author: Saw Thein Myint

Terrified residents ran from their homes as a fire tore through a refugee camp on the Thai Burma border in Mae Hong Song Province. Camp residents said the fire started at around 11am, on Tuesday 7 April, in the kitchen of a resident’s house in Karenni Refugee camp No. 1 al... Read more ►

Fire Destroys Four Migrant School Boarding Houses – Mae Sot Authorities Investigating Cause

February 27, 2015  •  Author: S’Phan Shaung

Four boarding houses of the Children Development Center (CDC), a migrant school on the Thai border town of Mae Sot, burnt to the ground on Wednesday, February 25, leaving homeless 62 male students who were living and studying at the school. Saw Elijah, administrator of the b... Read more ►

“I could see the flames… I was scared…I was shocked…”

March 25, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

Last night’s fire at Mae La Refugee Camp destroyed 19 houses and another 31 were dismantled to stop the flames spreading. Thai ambulances and fire trucks from surrounding villages attended the fire at the Mae La Refugee Camp that is located on the Thai Burma Border in Thai... Read more ►

Fire At Mae La Refugee Camp

March 24, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

Tonight at around 9.30pm a fire broke out in Zone B Section 4 and 5 at Mae La Refugee Camp on the Thai Burma Border in Thailand’s Tak Province. A Karen News reporter, at the camp spoke to a camp resident, Saw Hla Win, who was close to the fire when it broke out. “We were... Read more ►

Umpiem Refugee Fire Victims Still Struggling

February 13, 2014  •  Author: Kha Hsu Nya

The building of shelters to replace those destroyed by a fire last week in Umpeim Mai Refugee Camp, Tak Province, is being delayed by a lack of building materials, claims a camp official. Saw Wah Htee, the chairperson of Umpiem Mai refugee camp, explained that a lack of basi... Read more ►

Fire reported at Umpiem Refugee Camp

February 3, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

An aid worker has confirmed to Karen News that a fire broke out at Umpiem Mai Refugee Camp, Tak Province, today, burning 11 houses. A further 28 houses had their roofing removed to stop the fire from spreading. The aid worker said no one was injured. “The fire happened to... Read more ►

Refugee Camp Fire Leaves 600 Homeless

December 28, 2013  •  Author:

By Karen News Mae La Refugee Camp officials confirmed that a fire that tore through Zone C of Mae La Refugee camp destroyed as many as 120 houses. Camp officials confirmed to karen News that the fire broke out at around 1.30pm of Friday 27 December. Naw Blooming Night Zan, a... Read more ►

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