*No quick fix for an ailing health system

February 24, 2015  •  Author: Phil Thornton

Ethnic communities have spent decades building vital services in the absence of government help, but there are now fears interference could result in their work being undermined. While acknowledging Myanmar needs help, Cynthia Maung is not optimistic that a $100 million (abo... Read more ►

Kokang Fighting: Red Cross Workers Killed, Karen General Accuse Burma Army of Ethnic Cleansing

February 19, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

Tuesday this week, a convoy of trucks carrying the Myanmar Red Cross Society signs were attacked by unknown and two workers killed. The killing has outrages international governments and in media reports the US expressed its deep concern over the attack. The attack follows i... Read more ►

New Report – No Easy Cure For Burma’s Failed Health System

February 19, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

A new report by a network of ethnic community health organisations was released today at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand, Bangkok. The report, The Long Road to Recovery, based on data surveyed from 64 townships, with a target population of half a million people, ... Read more ►

UNFC Wants The KNU To Be Reunited

February 8, 2015  •  Author: Saw Khar Su Nyar

The United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) wants the Karen National Union (KNU) to be part of its organization. In a speech delivered by Khu Oo Reh, General Secretary of the UNFC on 66th anniversary of Karen Revolution Day in Karen State he underlined the importance of ... Read more ►

Shan Human Rights Foundation alleged Burma Army killed villager in front of his parents, then force 1,200 villagers to demonstrate against “insurgents” for killing civilians in Murng Yawng region

January 10, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

An ethnic human rights organization alleged the Burma Army killed a villager in front of his family in early December. The Shan Human Rights Foundation released a media statement Wednesday, January 7 accusing the Burma Army of committing the crime. “On December 12, 2014, B... Read more ►

Karenni Community Organisations Hit Out At Norwegian Led Peace Program

December 11, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

A report released by the Karenni Civil Society Network (KCSN) has claimed that the Norwegian led Myanmar Peace Support Initiative (MPSI) is putting the security of returning internally displaced persons (IDPs) at risk by placing them in areas under Burma Army control. The M... Read more ►

Mai Luh Happy With His New Smile

December 3, 2014  •  Author: *Kathryn Delahunty

Mai Luh, 6, was getting a hard time from playmates who poked fun at him over his looks. Mai Luh, born with a cleft palate, had experience discrimination from birth because of his facial disfigurement. In Mae Sot Hospital on the Thai-Burma border, a medic from Mai Luh’s hom... Read more ►

Kachin Women’s Group Condemns Latest Military Attacks as Kachin Conflict Rages On

November 30, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

A Thai based advocacy group, representing ethnic Kachin women, has issued a statement condemning the latest military offensives by the Burma Army in Kachin State, that threatens the lives of “tens of thousands of civilians.” The Kachin Women’s Association of Thailand (... Read more ►

Shan Community Calls on US President Obama to Condemn Government Attacks in Ethnic Areas During His Burma Visit

November 15, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

A coalition of Shan community-based-organisations released a statement calling on the President of the United States, Barack Obama, to raise the issue of ongoing military offensives by the Burmese government in ethnic areas during his visit to the country. The statement, iss... Read more ►

Karen National Union To Decide On Ethnic Alliance Membership At Emergency Meeting In October

September 26, 2014  •  Author: S'Phan Shaung

Following suspension of its membership with the United Nationalities Federal Council, the ethnic alliance bloc, the Karen National Union have said that they will make a decision on whether to stop or continue their membership with the UNFC. Earlier reports from the KNU indic... Read more ►

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