KNU Leader Accused By Karen Groups Of Legitimizing Government’s Use of Force, Land Confiscation and Displacement

August 30, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

In an open letter to the Karen National Union Chairperson General Mutu Sae Poe, on Saturday 29 August 2015, a coalition of international based Karen groups accused the KNU leader that by attending the Burma government’s opening ceremony of the Asian Highway as a ‘special... Read more ►

KHRG: Land Theft Continues to Rise in Karen State

July 22, 2015  •  Author: Joe Warren

Land confiscation in Karen state has continues to increase according to a new report from the Karen Human Rights Group. The KHRG report titled, “With only our voices, what can we do?” was released on July 15 in the Thai border town of Mae Sot. The report documen... Read more ►

KPSN: Asia Highway Fighting Damages Peace

July 17, 2015  •  Author: Sa Isue

The Karen Peace Support Network (KPSN) released a statement that said that fighting between the DKBA and government army during July on the Asia Highway had damaged recent peace initiatives. The newly built Asia Highway connects Myawaddy and Kawkareik in Karen state and saw... Read more ►

Traders Excited By Start of Construction of New Friendship Bridge Between Mae Sot and Myawaddy

June 10, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

A Thai construction company began their works on a second Maesot-Myawaddy Friendship Bridge project on the Thai side of the border in early June. Local residents on the Thai side of the River Moei that separates Burma from Thailand said large earth moving machinery began lev... Read more ►

Companies Land Applications Spark Villagers’ Protest Over Disputed Land in Karen State

June 8, 2015  •  Author: Nan Wai Pyo Zar

Villagers in Karen State have lodged a protest to their local land registration office against applications by companies and investors to take community land for development projects. The villagers from Minekan, Hpa-an Township, submitted an letter to the township land regis... Read more ►

Villagers Protest Hydropower Dam – “This Is Our Land – We Want It Back…”

May 19, 2015  •  Author: Nan Wai Pyo Zar

Karen villagers whose lands were taken by companies to build a hydropower dam are angry and now want their lands returned. The villagers from the Palet Wa region in Thandaung Township lost their homes and land to a hydro-power dam in Htantabin Township are protesting and dem... Read more ►

Kunhing Villagers Prepared to Stand Up to Govt, Developers, Corruption in Fight Against Salween Dam Project

May 9, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

Villagers from Kunhing on the upper Salween River are strongly opposed to the Mong Ton Dam project that they say will destroy their way of life. The villagers released a statement on the 30th April listing their opposition to the damming of the Salween. “Our  ‘thousand ... Read more ►

Aussie Dam consultants Call Off Public Meeting on Mong Ton Mega-dam as 300 Kunhing Villagers Plan Protest

May 4, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

The Australian Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation’s (SMEC) cancelled its plans to hold a public meeting to discuss the Mong Ton mega-dam on the Salween River after hearing that hundreds of villagers were going to hold a protest against the dam. The Shan Human Rights F... Read more ►

Burma’s New Investment Law Fuels Human Rights Concerns

April 1, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

Burma’s new investment law fails to protect human rights or prevent environmental damage, New York based Human Rights Watch has warned. Jessica Evans, international financial institutions expert at HRW said the law , “will be a legal cornerstone of Burma’s efforts to r... Read more ►

Asia Highway Link Between Eindu and Kawkareik Town Threatens Villagers Livelihoods

March 30, 2015  •  Author: Karen News

A news bulletin released by the Karen Human Rights Group stating that a road planned by the Burma government with funding from the Asian Development Bank threatens villagers’ ability to earn a living. The Karen Human Rights Group claim that if the Asia Highway link between... Read more ►

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