Villagers pray their land will be saved

January 8, 2013  •  Author: Saw Eh Na

Villagers in the east of Dawei, Southern Burma are protesting the building of a dam that will destroy their villages and force them to be relocated. More than 400 villagers from five villages from east of Tavoy, in southern Burma gathered in their village and held a prayers ... Read more ►

Ethnic people denied a voice on Burma’s mega-development projects

December 18, 2012  •  Author: Saw Khar Su Nyar (KIC)

A report Burma released by ethnic students and youth groups yesterday documents the lack of inclusion and consultation with local communities by Burma’s government and the developers of the country’s mega projects. The report “Excluded: Burma’s Ethnic Nationalities ... Read more ►

Massive industrial project jeopardizes local communities

December 18, 2012  •  Author: Karen News

A new report by Arakan Oil Watch (AOW) called “Danger Zone” alleges that a planned Chinese industrial zone threatens the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people in Arakan State as well as Burma’s second largest mangrove forest. Arakan Oil Watch (AOW) is a community-... Read more ►

Development threatens village life and work

December 13, 2012  •  Author: Saw Eh Na

Hsa Keh village is a small fishing community – nothing more than a line of small bamboo houses with leaf roofing. Under a clear sky, three small wooden fishing boats glide onto the beach. A peaceful scene that now has a dark development cloud hanging over the villagers. Hs... Read more ►

Public Meeting: Villagers tell Government they are not happy with Dawei Project

December 9, 2012  •  Author: Saw Eh Na

Villagers at a public meeting attended by government ministers, political organisations, community groups and developers called for new impact assessments to be carried out on the Dawei Special Economic Zone. Villagers from Ka Loat Hta made their request at a special meeting... Read more ►

Bulldozers without responsibility

November 16, 2012  •  Author: Karen News

Villagers in Myawaddy Township, Dooplaya District, Karen State, have mixed feelings about road building taking place in their area. Villagers say responsible development that brings benefits to all the people is welcome, but they worry that there is a lack of consultation or... Read more ►

Voice of the people – stop mega development projects

November 7, 2012  •  Author: Saw Eh Na

15,000 Karen people from villages affected by conflict got together to voice their concerns to their community leaders about unfettered developments earmarked for Karen State during the peace process negotiations. The people’s forum ran from October 26 to 28 and was held ... Read more ►

Thailand kick starts road project in Karen State

October 31, 2012  •  Author: Poe Kwa Lay (KIC)

Using support from the Asia Development Bank, Thailand is planning to restart construction of the road between Myawaddy and Kawkareik Town in Karen State by the end of 2012. Saw Khin Maung Myint, the Karen State Transport Minister confirmed in an interview with Karen News th... Read more ►

Villagers claim Dawei deep seaport project making life hell

October 28, 2012  •  Author: Nan Thoo Lei (KIC)

Villagers living in the area of the Dawei deep-sea port, part of a mega development project worth USD$60 billion that is planned for southern Burma, claim it is making it hard for them to now make a living. Villagers in the Nabule area of Yebyu Township claim that they have ... Read more ►

Villagers fear Dawei Project will destroy their way of life

October 2, 2012  •  Author: Eh Na

The local people in Ka Moe Thway area, Tavoy (Dawei) town, in southern Burma have called for the Thai government to not to build dirty industry near their homes. On September 20, around 200 villagers, who live along the Dawei-Kanchanaburi road, constructed by the Thai Italia... Read more ►

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