Karen To Form New Karen National Party

February 2, 2014  •  Author: Saw Tun Lin

The Karen community’s in the Yangon and Irrawaddy divisions are to form a new political party, known as the Karen National Party (KNP). Initial plans to establish the party were put in place in 2013. Karen representatives met this week at Ta-Kwun-Dine village, Kyauk-Kone T... Read more ►

KNU Leader Calls For The End Of Civil War – Demands Equality

January 30, 2014  •  Author: Saw Thein Myint

General Mutu Say Poe, chairperson of the Karen National Union (KNU) in a speech addressed to all Karen people to mark the 65th Karen Revolution Day, called for a peaceful solution to the civil war that it has fought for the last six decades. Thousands of Karen people made th... Read more ►

Ethnic Conference Builds Unity Among Armed Organisation

January 27, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

In a show of unity and strength representatives from 17 armed resistance groups met in Karen State to discuss a nationwide ceasefire agreement for Burma. The ethnic armed groups released a statement claiming the conference that ran over five days from 20 to 25 January and he... Read more ►

Karen State: Suu Kyi Lobby’s for Constitutional Reform

January 26, 2014  •  Author: Nan Wai Phyo Zar

The National League for Democracy has hit the campaign early in an attempt to overturn Burma’s contentious National Constitution that effectively bars its leader, Aung San Suu Kyi from the country’s presidency. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Chairperson of the National Leaugue of... Read more ►

Fortify Rights Urges Govt To Stop Attacks On Muslims in Rakhine State

January 24, 2014  •  Author: Karen News

An international human rights organization urged the Burma government to immediately stop attacks and abuses against Rohingya Muslims in the country’s Rakhine State. In an interview with Karen News, Matthew Smith, the executive director of the international human rights gr... Read more ►

Let’s Unite To Make History

January 23, 2014  •  Author: *Dr Timothy Laklem

Dr Timothy Laklem calls for Karen unity and self-determination and for all ethnic people to be treated equally within a democratic and federal union of Burma. It is not my intention in this ‘opinion piece’ to blame, but rather to give a strong reminder to those negotiat... Read more ►

Karen Discuss National Census

January 14, 2014  •  Author: Nan Chaung Pawt

Karen representatives from across Burma held a two-day forum from January 9 to 10, in Hpa-An, Karen State, with the objective of “forming a united position of all the Karen nationals of Burma, acquiring true Karen population figures and using the correct names of Karen sub... Read more ►

BREAKING NEWS: Fire at Mae La Refugee Camp

December 27, 2013  •  Author:

A fire has destroyed an estimated 102 buildings in Mae La Refugee Camp, 57km north of the Thai town of Mae Sot. Camp officials say the fire broke out in Zone C at the Mae La Refugee Camp today at 1.30pm and lasted until around 3pm. Naw Day Day Poe, joint secretary of Mae... Read more ►

Labor Rights Groups Mark International Migrants Day

December 18, 2013  •  Author: Karen News

As the world mark International Migrants Day today, regional labor rights groups are taking the opportunity to raise the ongoing plight of many migrant workers in Thailand – many of whom are from Burma – where they have few rights and are vulnerable to extortion. With fo... Read more ►

Karen Human Rights Group Wins Prestigious HR Award

December 12, 2013  •  Author: Saw Blacktown

In a first for humanitarian organisations in Burma, the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) was awarded the Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award from the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, in Taipei on Tuesday December 10. The award is given annually for “significant contri... Read more ►

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