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Burma Army random shelling scares villagers and closes schools

November 28, 2011  •  Author: Nan Thoo Lei (KIC)

Mortar shells launched by local the Burma Army terrifies local villagers living in the area along the route the Burma Army uses to transport food rations to its soldiers in Papun Township. Villagers said that in Papun areas, it is common, the Burma Army fires mortar rounds i... Read more ►

Residents extorted by armed group

November 28, 2011  •  Author: Saw Thein Myint (KIC)

An unknown armed group is forcing residents of a Three Pagoda Pass town, Kyain Seikygi Township to pay taxes. Residents say armed group demanded taxes or cash payments from business owners and rich people at Three Pagoda Pass Town. The group approached the residents by lette... Read more ►

Karen people cautious, but hopeful KNU talks will lead to peace

November 27, 2011  •  Author: Ehna

The Karen people are hopeful, yet cautious about the recent informal meeting between the Karen National Union and the Burmese government’s ceasefire talks. The KNU which has been lock in a civil war with a series of military governments for the 62 years, last Saturday and ... Read more ►

KNU denies ceasefire agreement

November 26, 2011  •  Author: Karen News

The Karen National Union denied they have entered into a ceasefire with the Burma government. In an official statement on the ‘Peace Talks’, dated 24th November, the KNU said. “Recent media reports that the Karen National Union (KNU) had agreed to a ceasefire with the... Read more ►

This is our land! Villagers pay the price of land confiscation

November 26, 2011  •  Author: Chamu

The lives of Ta’ang people in Northern Shan state have been shattered as the Burmese government working hand-in-hand with companies has confiscated their land. The Ta’ang Students and Youth Organization (TSYO) report that approximately 42,940 acres of land has been confi... Read more ►

Ethnic leaders say too early to give Burma ASEAN chair

November 25, 2011  •  Author: Saw Thein Myint (KIC)

Ethnic groups’ leaders from Burma claim it is too early to grant Burma the Association of Southeast Asian Nations chair. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers agreed at the 19th ASEAN Summit in Bali, to appoint Burma in 2014 to the chairmanship of the regional bloc. Indonesian F... Read more ►

Today is registration day for NLD

November 25, 2011  •  Author: Saw Khar Su Nyar (KIC)

Following their decision last week to register and take part in up-coming bye-elections, Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy party will lodge their application papers today, Friday, 25th November. Last week’s decision t... Read more ►

What election? For the Burma Army it’s business as usual

November 23, 2011  •  Author: Karen News

A report from the Karen Human Rights Group accuses the Burma Army of extortion and using villagers for forced labor on army bases. The report issued as a KHRG bulletin was written by a villager in the Nyaunglebin District of Karen State. The villager says last years national... Read more ►

Karen women accuse Thai workers of wooing them into false marriages

November 17, 2011  •  Author: Saw Eh Na

Karen villagers alleged Thai company workers of exploiting and marrying local women while they are employed in construction work in southern Burma. A village elder said villagers are outraged at recent false marriages involving three Karen women in Kaw Htee Lor (Tha Byu Cha... Read more ►

What price DKBA ceasefire agreement?

November 11, 2011  •  Author: Karen News

The ethnic people of Burma crave peace. In the recent years they have voiced their support for a genuine political dialogue that will deliver long lasting peace for their people. Ethnic people working for a wide variety of community groups and canvassed by Karen News said t... Read more ►

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