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Karen News journalists getting the story.

KAREN NEWS is reported and written by Karen journalists to provide information on issues that shape Karen communities in Burma and around the world.

KAREN NEWS provides a window to Burma and the international community on what is happening in Karen state. Our journalists live and work in Karen communities, know the issues that affect Karen people and aim to bring those issues to the attention of people across Burma, in the diaspora, and to all readers interested in the struggles and triumphs of the Karen people.

Karen state has remained a conflict zone for more than half a century, during which the Burmese army has waged war against the Karen people. Since 1996 more than 3,600 villages have been abandoned or destroyed, and as many as 500,000 people have been displaced as a direct result of armed conflict.

For KAREN NEWS journalists, everyday stories cover a range of crimes against humanity – extrajudicial killings, sexual violence, forced labor, child soldiers, forced displacement, human trafficking. Among the carnage, however, are stories of hope, love and dignity.

KAREN NEWS: Reporters Nan Paw Gay, Naw Htoo San, Naw Chamu, Saw Kar Hsu, Saw Thein Myint, Saw Blacktown, Saw Kweh Say, Saw Poe Taw and Saw Ehna.

The Karen Information Center has been providing news to Karen communities for more than 14-years. Besides our Karen News website we also offer readers a hard copy Karen language newspaper, K’nyawTakasaw, a Burmese language version Kayin Thadin Sin (a Burmese language version is also available on CD). The KIC Burmese language website is available at: www.kicnews.org.


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