People in Need Donates $50,000 to Myanmar Flood Relief

The floods in Burma may have stabilized for the moment, but it is forecast that heavy rainfalls will continue to fall across the country during the later stages of August.

“The Czech INGO, People in Need’s website have estimated that as many as 1,100,000 people are affected in almost all regions of the country.”

People in Need have donated about $50,000 to help people affected by the floods.

It’s website documents that “more than 240,000 families had to leave their homes, more than 15,000 houses were destroyed. The floods caused more than 100 deaths and also destroyed the rice harvest in large areas.”

Ms Tereza Grunvaldova, the director of People in Need’s mission in Burma said “People are in acute need of water, food, building materials, medical aid, but also psychosocial help for vulnerable groups such as women and children.”
The floods have wrecked havoc in at least 12 out of 14 states Burma.

According to local authorities, “more than 17,000,000 million people live in those areas.”

Ms Grunvaldova warned that the “prices of food in remote areas are rising, which is further worsening the situation of affected people. Many people lost their entire harvest – their only source of income.”

People in Need is an NGO that has worked in Burma since 1997 and provides civil society support, protection of children and support of inter-faith dialogue.

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