Burma Floods – 46 Dead, Hundreds of Thousands Affected

The Burma government has confirmed a state of emergency in fours states as heavy rain continues to lash central and western parts of the country.

Reports estimate that as many as 46 people have been killed and over 200,000 displaced. The Thai government has promised to donate five million baht in aid.

The Burma government run newspaper, the Global New Light of Myanmar, reports that landslides in Chin state have destroyed 700 homes. Flash floods throughout the country have caused chaos on roads and railways – cutting access to remote communities.

Local people are worried that already swollen rivers will break their banks and add to the their problems.

Aid workers have said getting to remote areas is proving difficult.

A spokesperson for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Pierre Peron was reported by AFP as saying that, “logistics are extremely difficult. Assessment teams are having a hard time reaching affected areas.

According to information shared by Karen State Public Health Director to aid organizations, there are over 6,000 people in Hpa-an township that have been affected by the flood and ten temporary shelter camps were set up in the town to host the flood victims.

A Karen News field reporter who visited one of the camps in Hpa-an downtown describe the situation.

“The camp is set up at the monastery in Shwe Yin Myaw. There is around 1,200 people at that camp. They are provided with emergency needs such as food, medical care and other needs for now.”

A spokesperson for the Burma Children Medical Fund that is based on the Thai Burma border said that basic medical support is urgently needed.

“One of our partner organizations in Hpa-an Karen State, has requested basic medical supplies such as oral rehydration salt, chlorine tablets to purify drinking water and dry foodstuffs.

The BCMF spokesperson said that the Ananda Myitta Clinic run by a monk, Ba Danda Wa Thay Hta, confirmed that many remote communities are proving difficult to reach.

“There are many areas that are hard access but are in dire need of help, but the Ananda Myitta Clinic’s have a network that can.”

The BCMF spokesperson said that if people wanted to donate to help the flood victims to contact –

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