Nominations Wanted – 2013 Padoh Mahn Sha Award

Nominations for the 2013 Padoh Mahn Sha Young Leader Award are now open. The award acknowledges young Karen who have shown outstanding leadership in achieving the goals of the Foundation in areas such as fighting poverty, promoting education, promoting development and preserving Karen culture.

An award of $2000 is also given to the organisation or community of the winner. The winner of the award will be announced in early 2014. It is the sixth year the Phan Foundation has made the award.

Nant Zoya Phan, Director of the Phan Foundation and daughter of Padoh Mahn Sha said in a media statement that the award keeps her father’s dedication to the development of Karen men and women alive.

“Through the Padoh Mahn Sha Young Leader Award, we have recognised several remarkable young leaders who have contributed so much for the development of our people. Our father Padoh Mahn Sha would be proud to see the achievement and dedication of many young Karen as he always encouraged young people to fulfil their potential. Through this award we are keeping his memory and his dream alive.”

Any Karen person under 35 is eligible to be nominated. That person can be living anywhere in the world. Nominations close on 31st December 2013.

The Padoh Mahn Sha Young Leader Award is given annually by the Phan Foundation. The first award went to Naw Paw K’Bla Htoo from Kler Lwee Htu, the second award went to Saw Nyunt Win from Mutraw District in Karen State and the third award went to Naw December Paw from Tenasserim Division. The fourth award went to Saw Htoo Htoo Eh, from the Free Burma Rangers and the fifth award went to Nant Thandar Aung from Karen Women Empowerment Group.

Padoh Mahn Sha, the former General Secretary of the Karen National Union, was assassinated by agents of the Burmese government on 14th February 2008. Following the assassination, the four children of Padoh Mahn Sha and Nant Kyin Shwe, founded the Phan Foundation in their parents memory.

Nominations close on 31st December 2013. Nominations can be made by any individual or organisation. Organisations can nominate one of their own members.

Individuals cannot nominate themselves. They cannot be nominated by close family members.

To nominate someone a statement or letter should be provided explaining why the person has been nominated. This could include for example, examples of successes in their work, their motivation, dedication, and commitment, putting community before self, selflessness. Case studies and examples are encouraged. It should include their name, date of birth, the reasons for nominating the person, a description of the work that they do, and the name of their organisation or community. Statements of support from those they work with or prominent people would also assist the judging process.

Nominations can be submitted in Karen, Burmese or English. Those people who are shortlisted may be requested to provide further information.

To submit your nominations and for more information about nominating someone for this award please contact Nant Bwa Bwa Phan, Email:

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