Humanitarian groups deliver aid to Kachin villagers

A humanitarian network comprised of 11 groups from Mandalay delivered humanitarian assistances to children and refugees affected by the ongoing fighting in Kachin State.

Ko Ye Yint Kyaw, a member of the humanitarian network – “Children’s Lover Network Group” – explained to Karen News that the network, led by a senior monk, have been giving aid to displaced camps located near Myint Kyi Nar Town for three days.

Ko Ye Yint Kyaw said that the situation is hard for the displaced villagers, especially in the cold winter weather.

“Civilians who have fled the fighting are now facing food and shelter problems. The children and the elderly have to cope with the freezing weather, so we will have to continue to provide help.”

The ‘Lovers of Children Networking Group’ said that they have so far donated 100 sacks of rice, clothing, toys, and blankets and donated more than 1,200,000 kyats to the people in the camps.

Daw Shelly Hsaing, a spoke person for the Kachin Women Association of Thailand- KWAT said that they are happy to welcome the help provided by the network group to assist the Kachin villagers displaced by the fighting.

“This cold weather makes it risky for people who fled the fighting because they can easily get sick. As there is fighting in Kachin State, schools in the conflict areas are closed and children are unable to go to school. We are very grateful that the network group provided the refugees with school materials and clothes at this time – they need it.”

Ko Ye Yint Kyaw said that their network group has previously helped civilians in urban areas during floods and this is the first time that they have provided assistance to civilians living in remote conflict areas.

The network group pointed out that for the benefit of all the people of Burma, all warring parties should work towards restoring peace as soon as possible.
The network group is also trying to work in other remote conflict zones such as Karen and Shan States.

The ‘Lovers of Children Networking Group’ is led by four abbots – Abbot Bat Dan Da Ariya Wutha Biwuntha from Myawaddy Min Gyi monestary, Abbot Dr. Da Ma Rekita from Metta Saytaw Wi Moke Teat, Abbot Tayzaw Batha from Kan Htat Kone Ma Soe Yein monestary and Abbot Ah Shin San Te Ta from Asian Light monestary.

According to KWAT, currently there are over 35,000 displaced people along the China and Burma border and as many as 2,000 children who can’t continue their education.

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